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i miss you guys! you should post more often!:)


Sorry we have been MIA. I posted today just for you. 

I Realize We Haven’t Posted In 2 Months

So, I thought I would tell you a little story about something that happened a couple of nights ago.

As we have discussed before, S and I have this thing for sleep sex. We both dig it (only when it is agreed upon and consensual, of course). Well, Sunday night, we both wanted to have it (even though it was a work night and very irresponsible). So, she was going to fall asleep, and shortly there after, I was gonna commense with the sexing. Good plan, right?

She fell asleep right away. Usually, she doesn’t totally fall asleep because I get impatient, and she is too excited about the prospect of killer sex. Even when she does fall asleep, she wakes up as soon as I move or touch her slightly.

Sunday night, however, she fell asleep and apparently did not wake up when I shifted because I pull the blanket down and touch her breast, and she swats my hand away, pulls the blanket up and sleepily goes, “What are you doing?”

Oh Well


That awkward moment when someone messages you anonymously and gives you explicit details on how they wanna fuck you and your girlfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool if people wanna fuck us. We’re awesome. I’d wanna fuck us too. We might even find it flattering to hear that you wanna fuck us if you did it in a respectful and/or remotely sexy way. But don’t send us a degrading message that doesn’t even take into account the shit we like to do. Really anon?

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I would follow, but I look at tumblr too much in public. xD I love your guys' blog, though. <3 Keep it up, gals.
Also, I had a question: How much/often do you guys landscape down south? (I don't think I can think of a more roundabout way of asking that question) I know most people in general don't like a lot of hair, and I usually just shave the bikini line and trim everything else. I was wondering what you guys did? Is it a huge turn-off for a girl to have hair?

Aww, that’s too bad, you should follow anyway. Who cares who sees you? :)

About hair down there, I (K) feel like I keep my nether region pretty neat. I usually shave my bikini line and my lips pretty often. I keep the hair on my mound trimmed, sometimes I’ll shave it off or have a landing strip or leave it alone, it depends on my mood.

I really don’t have much preference. I am pretty much cool with everything from totally smooth to 70’s bush. I feel like my favorite hair style or whatever is no hair on the lips and at least some hair on the mound. I asked S, and apparently (I did not know) she feels strongly that she does not want to go down on someone if there is hair on the lips. I think most people don’t care too much, It just depends. 


Birthday Present

I got this for my birthday

It’s a Sportsheets under the bed restraint system. You can either set it up on the top and bottom of your mattress, or you can set up up on the sides, so you are more spread eagle. I like it better on the sides. I feel more vulnerable and dominated. 

It has two major problems for me. One is that it allows too much side movement. Depending on how you set it up, it gives you room to either move your hands and your feet side to side a lot or your hands and feet up and down a lot. Also, it was pretty easy for me to release myself. The cuffs themselves are great, soft and really secure, but the clips that hold the cuffs to the system are very easy to get to when you are tied up. S had to jerry-rig it when we had it set up sideways, but when we changed positions to up and down, it was pretty much impossible to fix.

Overall, I think it has some problems, but it’s really fun. As you know by now, anything that will allow me to be tied up and whipped and fucked is definitely a good thing.  


K looks so good with a strap on…

A couple weeks ago, we were feeling a little playful and decided that K should use the strap on for the first time. She was a strap on virgin, and I’m not gonna lie, I have kind of a virgin fetish, so it was super exciting to be the first person she’s tried it with. If you guys remember from our past adventures, we rarely use the strap on and when we do, it’s usually me wearing it with K on top.

This time, K put it on and tried fucking me in missionary. I think she was a little frustrated because she wanted to sit up more and I kept being like come down, come closer, etc. If I’m fucking in missionary, I want the other person to be basically molded to my body as tightly as possible. I like it for the intimacy. :)

Eventually, she got on her knees so she could play with my clit while keeping the dildo in me. I’m still partial to fingers, but sometimes a dildo really does hit the spot. So to speak. ;)

K’s strap on devirginization:

Easiness/fun (Giver): 7

Pleasure (Receiver): 7


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best position with a strap on for the most clitoral stimulation?

Do you mean incidental stimulation (without fingers)? That doesn’t really work for me, so I can’t say personally, but your partner’s body has most chance of rubbing against your clit in positions like missionary with legs very high on their waist or over shoulders, face to face on your side type positions, anything that’s going to seal you guys in tight together.

If you’re talking about with fingers, you or your partner can easily touch your clit in a bunch of different positions. You could try you on top, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, spoon sex, etc.


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Hey :D My partner and I also have a sex blog, and recently he answered a question by giving a link to a post of yours.. I hope you don't mind? xx

No, not at all. We love to be linked :)

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This is a silly question but have either of you, during oral sex, suddenly burst into laughter?

No, I haven’t. But I am often silly during sex. I usually see it as a fun, joyous occasion and try not to take it too seriously. 


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Any experience with remote controlled vibrators?

No, but they sound fun, especially for people (like us!) that get off on having more/less control. :)

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I'm actually straight, but your blog has given me so many tips and ideas! I just asked my boyfriend if we can be a little kinkier, and he said "How rough am I allowed to be? ;)".
So thanks guys!! <3

Haha :) That’s awesome! I am glad we can inspire you. We are happy to help all couples, regardless of sexual orientation :).

It’s My Birthday Today!

I can’t think of anything better in the world besides birthday sex. Does anyone have any amazing birthday sex stories?

Something Very Exciting Happened

I came during oral for the first time… EVER!

I have talked extensively in the past about S’s crazy good cunnilingus skills, but apparently I have not done her justice because it seems she has a magic tongue. I have only ever even been close to coming from oral once. Back in February I talked about the first time I sat on S’s face, and that was really, really fun, and I came pretty close. But this was amazing. 

First, I had to beg S to go down on me (I don’t know why, I have an amazing pussy, she should always want to be down there). She sometimes doesn’t like it when I demand things, she is kind of a control freak ;). She told me to get on her face, which was nice, but I wanted her to fuck me, so soon, we switched and she crawled between my legs and was fucking me with her fingers while licking my clit, and right away I knew I was going to come. I was so excited, but it was kind of like torture. I was so close for so long, not quite able to get over the edge. But coming with S’s fingers in me and her mouth on my clit was one of the best feelings I’ve had. It def was not easy for S. She claimed that her tongue was sore for days. I feel like she is just a baby though. 


Things I love…

When S begs me to come

Oral Procrastination

I’ve talked about sitting on S’s face and how much I like it before. So let me just quickly reiterate that I like it. A lot. On Sunday morning, we were supposed to get up and wash the cars, but somehow (I’m pretty sure it was my fault) we stayed in bed and had sexy times instead. Eventually, I ended up on S’s face.

I like this position for a number of reasons. Mostly, though, I think the main asset that this position possesses, is that when I am on top of S and she is eating me out, I can reach back and touch her.

I wasn’t able to come, which I figured would happen because I had already come once, and its a little bit harder for me to come the second time around. But even if I hadn’t, it is pretty much impossible for me to come from oral (but like I said I really like this position, so I’m holding out hope). While I was up there, though, I reached back and began fingering S’s clit. It’s always nice to touch S, as you can imagine, but touching her while her tongue is on my clit is just extra special. I want to try to explain just how hot hearing S moan into my pussy while I finger her is, but I don’t think I could get anywhere close to reality. It is quite possibly one of the sexiest things I have ever seen or experienced. Hearing her moan at all while I touch her is one of my favorite things in life, but hearing and feeling her moan into me is a whole other level of sexiness.

Hearing her try to cry out as she came and feeling her body convulse from her orgasm while she continued to eat me out was almost enough to make me come on the spot.